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Upon meeting Angelica Joni, a.k.a. Jelly New York-based singer/songwriter you will immediately be captivated by her serenity, quiet confidence, and thoughtful curiosity.  Those qualities may lead you to assume that she will politely adorn the stage or studio with a low key, introspective performance, you're in for quite a surprise. From the first moment Angelica begins to sing, she will shatter any preconceptions you might have. Her voice is warm and electrifying with a depth and worldly understanding that few singers possess. Much of her vocal talent is due in part to her passion for live performance.


This New York native specializing in EDM, pop, and dance music is no stranger to the stage, having been performing for live audiences since she was only 8 years old. Now this electrifying musical tsunami is sharing her talent with international audiences everywhere.

Jelly, a rising Billboard chart ingénue, has 3 songs that have charted on the dance charts.  Jelly has already released accomplished singles like “Weightless.” which spent 8 weeks on the Billboard Dance Chart landing in the top 30.  This song is currently being promoted in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.  She has also charted in the Top 15 on the Billboard Dance Club Chart with songs like “Exhale” and “I’m So Alive”.

Angelica has also brought her electrifying talent and vocal finesse to an audience of 15,000 people at NJ Pride, one of the largest LGBT events in the US.  Prior to Covid, her busy tour schedule of the last few years clearly shows she has grown into a creative force that resonates with audiences across America.   You can catch pop sensation Angelica Joni on any of the popular social media platforms.   

Angelica is currently working on writing and recording her new project with producers such as Valentin, DJ Dark Intensity of Tazmania Records and more. Sign up on the site to be the first to hear her new music when it is ready to drop.



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